Official Statement on behalf of the Drive4Charity Commitee.

We at Drive4Charity were deeply saddened to hear the news on the investigations into the finances of Console.
This has both shocked and angered us, now we also feel it wrong to attack the charity when they do such great work, based on the wrong doings of a few individuals involved with the running of them.
But based on all the information we have, we have no choice and see no other option other than to pull away from supporting console for the foreseeable future. This has deeply saddened us as a group as suicide is something that is so close to home for us all.
Due to this decision all money raised under the name of Drive4Charity going forward will be donated to Crumlin Childrens Hospital, who I’m sure you all agree have always been very deserving of our support..
Whether another charity will be brought on board in the future will be decided by the committee.
That is all we have to say on the matter, and we hope you can all respect our decision.

Thank you for taking the time to read this

Drive4Charity Commitee




Drive4Charity is a Non-Profit Organisation that was founded in 2009 by motor enthusiasts Kieran O Donoghue & Jason O Toole with the aim of raising support and funds for charities in Ireland.

Since 2009 Drive4Charity has raised €263,061.35…

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Since 2009 Drive4Charity has raised €263,061.35:

  • €205,379.49 for Crumlin Children’s Hospital
  • €57,681.86 for Suicide Awareness (Console)
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Who are the organisers?

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